Mission Statement

ARMORI STEELE is a leading Sports Art Agency that offers curated, high-end sports related art pieces and sports memorabilia. We are dedicated to creating pristine and timeless art pieces. 

Company Overview

ARMORI STEELE was established in early 2014.  With a worldwide clientele, the company operates from Montreal and New York. ARMORI STEELE is the first and sole company to blossom in the field of sports luxury, a field that was previously non-existent.


What inspired the name ARMORI STEELE?

ARMORI is derived from the term armory, which is a place where arms and weaponry are made, stored and maintained. Access to an armory is  restrictive and only reserved to a select few. We view modern sports athletes to be like ancient gladiators, battling for victory.

STEELE stems from the term steel, which is a metal alloy that evokes strength, coldness and hardship. A great part of our inspiration stems from emperors, gladiators and warriors going to battles. We draw much correlation between a victorious gladiator to a successful modern day man or woman, whom not only survives in life, but comes out winning.

ARMORI STEELE is an emblem of hardship, glory and triumph. 

What we do?

Our expertise is high-end sports art pieces. Our team of elite artists is dedicated to creating pristine custom artwork. Either through airbrush painting, hand painting or vinyl decals, we create the most intricate art pieces for your sporting collections.

We also offer highly curated sports memorabilia. Rare sports items, authentically autographed by the greatest athletes of all time. We curate only the rarest items, pieces signed by sports icons such as Michael Schumacher, Michael Jordan, Georges St-Pierre, Wayne Gretzky, Maurice Richard, Mike Tyson and much more.

Why invest in sports memorabilia?

Sports art and memorabilia is an investment vehicle, just like investing in real estate market and investing in the stock market. One of the most crucial gauges in estimating the value of your collectible is who signed it and what type of item they signed. Likewise for sports art, the question comes down to who is the artist whom painted the art piece and what are his credentials.

Product Value Assessment (PVA)
Signatures from athletes with greater success at their sport and a lengthier list of achievements are more valuable. The same goes for merchandise of larger value, such as helmets and jerseys. Although these two factors have the largest impact on a piece of sports memorabilia’s worth, there are many other elements that can affect its value. Another variable that affects the value of autographed collectibles is the amount of memorabilia that an athlete signs throughout their lifetime. Similar to all other markets, sports memorabilia collecting operates on the principle of supply and demand. Therefore, a limited supply of a player’s sports merchandise is increasing the demand and ultimately the value of a collectible. (Quote source: sportsmemorabilia.com)

Read more about our ARMORI STEELE AUTHENTICS (ASA) curation and authentification process here. 

What sporting helmets or other equipment can you paint?

Golf Clubs | Driver & Fairway heads
| Goalie masks
Football Helmets
Car and Motocycle Racing Helmets
Baseball Helmets 

We can do both standard helmet art OR high precision luxury helmets. Luxury items can include encrusted precious stones, diamonds and gold as extra options to really differentiate your collector's item. Standard helmets consists of intricate artwork without added precious stones. 

What is the creation process behind an ARMORI STEELE (AS) signature collection helmet?

An ARMORI STEELE collection helmet requires months of preparation, near endless hours of creation and meticulous work. Blank helmets are provided by our private suppliers. We then design and elaborate the original artwork with professional artists, many of whom have created paintings for professional athletes. Jewellers come in play if we require specific precious stones or gold plating ingenuity. Each inch of the helmet is carefully calculated, each design is thought out and each stroke of paint has a specific meaning.

We leave absolutely no details untouched.

Why do you produce in such small quantities for AS Signature collections? 

We want to keep our sports collections exceptionally rare and exclusive. Each helmet is handcrafted and requires an enormous amount of work. We preserve our helmets for true collectors and sport fans. Diamonds are forever and so is an ARMORI STEELE helmet.

What is your philosophy behind rings for men?

Inspired by Championship rings, we have a clear vision of what a modern man’s ring collection should be, and we believe that any man can find a perfect ring through our collections. A ring is a perfect work of art that is carved out of solid metals. It’s durable, cold and rigid. We choose and use only the finest materials, crafting it to be very modern and sharp cut. Whether it be from the Gladiator, Classic or Emperor Collection, these pieces are the perfect daily accessory for any man.


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