Wall Street

MSRP: Starting at $13,500 USD

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Product Description


The center of America's cash flow. Where money never sleeps and wealth is created. Where true players and financial masterminds come to play, we are the heart that pumps dollars into the veins of the nation. This is "Wall Street".

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  • COA: ARMORI STEELE Certificate of Authenticity issued for each collection item
  • Each helmet is hand-painted and handcrafted with meticulously handpicked diamonds.
  • Artwork created on Riddell® Display Football helmet
  • Black tinted Under Armour® Visor
  • 24 karat pure gold foil and authentic Swarovski crystals
  • Encrusted diamonds: 1.5 total carat weight. Clarity: SI 1-2. Color: G-H.
    (Gemology Institute of America grading scale)
  • 24 karat pure gold foil contour
  • Helmet Grill: 23-24 karat pure gold plating. 95.85% to 99.95% purity
  • 3 clear coats to ensure longevity of art work
  • Insides: Protective foam and sweatband for a complete finished look (optional)
  • Collector's helmet: CANNOT be worn on field due to precious stones on the mask / Not certified for field play
  • Each piece comes with distinct inner markings for collector differentiation.
    (example: I or VI)
  • Exceptionally exclusive Collector's Edition: Only (6) six renditions of this collection will ever be created
Every ARMORI STEELE collection piece comes with complimentary:
  • Heavyweight glass case, with handcrafted cherry wood base and mirror, provided by Ultra Pro Display Series.
  • Glass case protects against UV damage
  • Large black microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Lightweight inspection gloves designed for stainless glass and jewelry handling
  • 10 x sealed 24 pts- Deluxe collector's Football cards detailing the helmet picture and specifications
Total Value:
  • MSRP: opening at $12,500 USD
    • Subject to shipping, customs fees and applicable taxes
    • Subject to availability