Marty Brodeur UNSIGNED Goalie Mask New Jersey Devils Ice Ready Display Helmet

MSRP: Starting at $1,295 USD

Marty Brodeur is an iconic goalie from the 90’s. Stanley Cup champion.
Own a piece of history.

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Product Description

  • Stand out with a collection piece like none other
  • Re-creation / replica mask
  • As close as it gets to the real thing
  • NHL level quality goalie mask
  • Full Kevlar (same material as bullet proof vest)
  • Hand painted artwork via airbrush
  • Professional airbrush artists
  • High-end item
  • 3 layers of clear coat included
  • Full size Adult Large helmet
  • 100% produced and hand painted in Canada/USA
  • Distinguished, unique final product: painted to impress
  • Perfect for home, office or business decor

Display case (optional): complimentary

Split payment option available upon request.


7 to 12 weeks wait time