Sports Illustrated: This Gold-Flecked, Crystal-Studded Hockey Mask Costs $12,500

June 12, 2020

Are you tired of tripping over the piles of money cluttering your home? Then Armori Steele has just the product for you, a $12,500 goalie mask with real gold leaf and Swarovski crystals.

The masks come in two patriotic styles "The Redness of Pride," which is emblazoned with the Canadian flag, and "The American Glory" which showcases a bald eagle and the Stars and Stripes.

But if you were planning on wearing one of these high-end beauties to your next beer league game, think again, because it appears that Armori Steele could not quite find room in the budget to make the mask CSA-certified, so it isn't actually safe to be used on the ice.

So if you are a hockey-crazed billionaire who needs a purely decorative luxury mask, we have found the gift for you, but be sure to hurry, as Armori Steele promises the masks are part of "an extremely rare and sacred collection."

Source: Sports Illustrated by Brendan Maloy