SOLD VIP! Snoop Dogg SIGNED 2016 Montreal Grand Prix F1 Tribute Helmet Going to HONG KONG

It's a bittersweet day today as one of the most prestigious crown jewel of our company has been sold to Hong Kong, to be exposed at a highly prestigious VIP event.

Valued in the five digits dollar range, this 1 of 1 custom painted Racing helmet was autographed by Snoop Dogg himself in 2016. The helmet has half a carat of encrusted diamond stones, Swarovski crystals and a contour decorated with 24k pure gold foil. She was an absolute beauty, and we never had so muchfun/struggle completing a project like this before. Getting to Snoop Dogg ain't no walk in the park! :) 

This is the kind of top tier project that ARMORI STEELE lives for. On the same token, we would take the opportunity to officially welcome a new and elite sales associate to the AS team. M. Andre Morkel will be taking care of all the Hong Kong, China and Asian markets! 

In a great and kind philanthropic gesture, parts of the sales proceeds will be donated by on behalf of Morkel & Sons Ltd - Morkel & Sons - Fine Jewellers & Consultants to Children's Charity in Hong Kong.

Cheers to all!