King HENRIK LUNDQVIST Signing our Gold & Diamond Encrusted "AMERICAN GLORY" Goalie Mask!

We feel so blessed and priviledged today, finally we got to present our gold and diamond encrusted "AMERICAN GLORY" mask to King Henrik Lundqvist himself!

This was an exclusive luxury goalie mask created by AS in 2014 to commerate the Winter Olympics. The mask is hand painted with over 50 encrusted diamond stones and sporting a 24k gold cat-eye grill. Named "AMERICAN GLORY", the mask celebrates USA Hockey and the essence of America's greatness. Whom better than the King of New York city himsel, granted he is Swedish team representative (lol) to personally hand-sign and bless this unique collector item. The Big Apple is America's financial center and the city of New York is one of the greatest cities in modern civilization, we could not be happier than to have the KING Henrik hand-sign our Prestige goalie mask.

Special thanks to Steiner Sports for making this event possible.

The "AMERICAN GLORY" being featured in Sports Illustrated. More information can be seen here


King HENRIK LUNDQVIST Signing our Gold & Diamond Encrusted

ARMORI_STEELE_American Glory_Gold_Diamond_goalie_mask_helmet (jpg)