The main star and official event's centerpiece mask has officially been sold on preseale! The Vegas Fuhr mask will still be exposed tomorrow at The Space LV for the Vegas premiere of Making Coco: The Grant Fuhr Story.

This mask is a unique 1 of 1 tribute to Grant. Inspired by the question of "What if Grant was to play for a modern NHL team today". Adorning a modern day NHL artwork feel and added touches of some of Grant's greatest moments with Edmonton. Custom Fuhr logos coming down from each sides. The mask came out stunning. We used metallic gold paint throughout the mask, with accents of black and gold foil, and the images of Vegas' skyline in the back. The crowning cherry on the sundae is the 24k actual real gold plated cat-eye grill that brings the entire masterpiece together.

The end result: A Golden Fuhr Vegas beauty!.A crown fit for a 5 times Stanley Cup champion.