EXPOS FEST x ARMORI STEELE Baseball Catcher's Helmet Custom Painted

Our great friend Perry Gee is a man with a heart as big as the Olympic Stadium. Perry is the creator of the Expos Fest, an incredible baseball event that brings together Expos superstar players and fans to fight against DIPG. DIPG is a form of brain tumor that attacks children between the ages of 5 to 9. Perry and the Expos Fest is charitable organization that is dedicated to raise funds and fight against DIPG.
We are extremely honored that Perry allowed ARMORI STEELE to create this unique Expos helmet to be auctioned off at the Expos Fest this March 24, 2019 in Laval. The helmet is hand painted. 2 unique creations, one was created for none other than Darrin Fletcher and the other one will be up for auctions in Laval. All proceeds generated by the Expos Fest will be going towards the fight against DIPG.
You can acquire your event tickets here: