Where do we even begin to describe how amazingly epic this evening was. Epic of biblical proportions. So much love from the St. Louis community. And how to even begin explaining how incredibly blessed we feel to be able to hang out with GRANT FUHR, the greatest money goalie to have ever played the game. And his friend, legendary scorer Brett Hull is pretty damn cool too. (LOL)

All hockey aside, as an adult it's rare that actually look up to another person and learn from them. With that said, I have learned and copied so much from Grant since we started working together in the last few months. 

1) I learned that wearing white dress shirts is so incredibly boring. It's all about wearing fly, funky dress shirts man!!!.

2) I learned that in life, it doesn't matter how important you think you are. It's all about being really really cool, relaxed, kind, good hearted, and generous with your time to everyone around you. It's about always showing up, being genuine, sincere and giving back joy to the universe and people around you. Being a positive energy. 

The friends we made through this movie "tour", and all the amazing people, peers, fans and clients that we met and connected with is what makes this whole adventure absolutely priceless. 

Man, we love this goalie mask community!