The Redness of Pride


This masterpiece transcends the test of time. Our first ever creation pays honour to the pride and sport of our nation, Canada. It is the highest standards and tradition of victories that drive this great country. We strive for nothing less than gold, accept no less than victory and revolt in the face of defeat. We are the True North, Strong and Free.

This piece of art is the embodiment of Canada’s hockey history. Our inspired rendition of an old coat of arms proudly poises the top of the mask, elegantly tinted in silver chrome brilliance and radiating with red Swarovski crystals. Two genuine encrusted diamonds hold open the banner that proudly reads “The Truth North, Strong and Free”. 24k pure gold linings flow alongside the hand-painted red maple leaf of passion. Authentic handpicked diamonds gracefully flow around the outskirts of the leaf reminiscent of a fresh snowfall on a December morning. Covered in encrusted diamonds, the right side of the mask revives the vivid memories of Canada’s greats bringing home the Olympic gold, wrapping the hearts of all Canadians with euphoric pride and distinction.

This is the “Redness of Pride”.

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