The American Glory


It was once said that when awakened by Revolutionary war screams, the sleeping eagle would descend from the mountains and dash above the heads of fighting Patriots.

This masterpiece of a mask is the emblem of strength and ferocity, with the majestic eagle sweeping down from its left side. Genuine diamonds and authentic Swarovski crystals are encrusted in the eye and wings of the eagle, the guardian of Freedom. The opposite side of the mask is glorified by the “Miracle on Ice”, a historic moment in which the team consisting of amateur and college players masterfully defeated the national powerhouse team of the Soviet Union in the 1980 Olympic Games . It was a victory of utmost brilliance that is still imprinted in the hearts of all Americans today. The United States of America coat of arms proudly poises the top of the mask, elegantly tinted in silver chrome brilliance.

Two genuine diamonds proudly holds open the bottom banner, immortalizing the words “Through the perilous fights”, while pure 24 karat gold linings flow freely through the eagle’s feathers and the Dream team’s heroes.

This is the “American Glory”.

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