Our Artists

We work with an elite team of artists, all of whom possess unique skillsets. Our high-end art pieces ranges from traditional canvas work to more avant-garde 3D mosaic pieces. All of our creations are unique and crafted to stand apart. We have gathered an incredible team of artists whom normally would not be creating sports luxury artwork, to design and create timeless art pieces exclusively for ARMORI STEELE.



Daniel Stanford
Internationally renowned for his unique work with gold and silver foil under acrylic paintings, Daniel has been successful in Miami and Los Angeles art galleries for over 15 years.  His golden work shines like none other. 


Julie Le Roy
With incredible double layered paintings, Julie employs “glow in the dark” paint that only appears when one shines an LED light over her existing art piece, double creation with double vision ingenuity.


Marc-Andre Lebeau
A great realistic portrait painter, Marc-Andre is an expert in realism and capturing the human facial traits and intensity.


Stephanie Richer
With a unique style, Stephanie’s paintings read like a timeless comic book. Clear traits mixed with metal work, Stephanie adds a unique 3D multi dimension to her canvas paintings.


Chopin Joseph
A genius artistic mind mixed with the technical intelligence of a mad scientist, Chopin creates 3D mosaic pieces that are simply mind blowing. His signature 3DM creations are unlike none other and have to be seen in person. 


Michael Cayer
With over 20 years of experience and many NHL goalie masks and F1 racing helmets under his belt, Michael Cayer is our leader when it comes to sporting helmet art.