ARMORI STEELE is a Sports Art Agency (SAA) specializing high-end sport lifestyle artwork. We are dedicated to creating pristine and timeless art pieces. 

The visionary design behind each ARMORI STEELE creation embodies all that inspires us: distinction, innovation & passion. We unified our love for sports with our love of art. Each distinct detail matters.

Custom Artwork. We are here to concretize your wildest ideas. We work with everyone, including high profile athletes & celebrities. Tell us about your design concepts and we will craft your own masterpiece together. Our Signature sporting collections employ meticulously handpicked diamonds, gold and Swarovski crystals. Handcrafted in Montreal. Each sporting piece is immaculate and unparalleled. Everything is possible.

Reminiscent of an emperor’s armour, refined finesse meets brute force. For the triumphant individual who seeks the highest level of distinction, we proudly present to you ARMORI STEELE. The world's leading Sports Luxury Artwork company.  

Be different. Be great. Be the game breaker. 

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"This one here is immaculate"- Snoop Dogg




"One of the most expensive football helmets ever made" - CNBCSecret Lives of the Super Rich


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Reminiscent of an Emperor's Armor,
refined finesse meets brute force


The Prestige Collection

The Prestige Collection officially celebrates our openings into the world of Luxury goalie mask creation. We pushed our wildest imaginings and mask crafting abilities to never seen before heights. Holding back at nothing, The Prestige Collection unites traditional hand-painted art, technological ingenuity and jewelry craftsmanship in order to create the most prestigious and elite goalie mask collection the world has ever experienced. A celebration of hockey. 

Inspired by the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, tribute is paid to the great heroes and nations that fueled the globe’s fervour. The Prestige Collection is a rare and distinct collection. Like the three coveted Olympic medals, only three pieces of each collector’s item will ever be created.

Limited quantity: 3 recreations of each helmet.

The American Glory

The Redness of Pride


The Home of the Brave Collection

The Home of the Brave collection immortalizes America’s most glorified battles, while depicting the nation’s most iconic landmarks. This collection is our salute to American Pride and the Great Game of Football, America’s most idolized and anticipated competitive sporting discipline.

The hardships and clashes that compose the core foundations of this great nation are meticulously hand-painted unto the football helmet canvases. 24k pure gold linings surround each helmet. Authentic diamonds and Swarovski crystals are incrusted throughout the shell to ornate the artwork. A sign of wealth, pride and victory is emitted from each collection piece. Each helmet in the Home of the Braves collection will be recreated in very strict limited quantities, keeping the collection truly exclusive.

Limited quantity: 6 recreations of each helmet.


Heroes of Today

Rough Riders

Viva Las Vegas

World at War

Wall Street

Custom Orders

Be different. Stand out. If you wish to add a timeless custom piece of equipmeARMORI STEELE x Custom Golf Driver nt to your collection, anything is possible through our Custom Orders division. Perfect for business functions or personal distinction. Tell us about your design ideas and together, we will craft your masterpiece.




Contact us for any inquiries or if you're ready to get your project started.


An unsurpassed aspiration for fame.
Glory. Distinction and Victory.

Rings for Men

Inspired by sport championship rings, our designer men’s ring collection strives for greatness. Driven by a vision of victory, sophistication and masculinity, our pieces are crafted for the true gentleman. Employing only the finest materials: Gold, Diamonds and Platinum all merging to create the ultimate glory. ARMORI STEELE: A luxury jewelry collection specially designed for men.

The Classic Collection

The Gladiator Collection

The Emperor Collection

The Signature Collection

"Learn the rules of the game. Then play it better than anyone else." - Albert Einstein

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